Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Dan Miller

Pastor Dan Miller grew up in Detroit until moving to the West Branch, Michigan area at 11 years of age. There he met the Cottle family, and soon fit in just like another one of their children. While he lived there he attended West Branch Community Church, an independent holiness church, pastored by Bob Cottle, where he was saved in May of 1969. After his conversion he went to Mount Carmel High School, a holiness boarding school in Jackson, Kentucky . The Cottle kids from down the road attended there as well. While attending this high school, he traveled and sang with the acapella choir and a male quartet. At the age of 16, he started serving on the board of the American Holiness Camp Meeting Association. He has served on that board for 30 years, and served as the president for some time as well.

After he graduated from Mt. Carmel in 1975, He went to Kentucky Mountain Bible […]

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Our Mission

We Care!

We at Edgetts Wesleyan CARE for the people of the Pine River area.. We are willing to do whatever it takes to see lives touched, people saved, and our community changed forever.

Before we can care for anyone else we must properly care for ourselves. We walk consistently close to Jesus by prayer and Bible reading. We guard and monitor our physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health. We reevaluate our priorities regularly and are accountable to each other.

The New Testament church was noticed by the world. Others said, “Behold, how they love one another”. We show this love by the discipleship and education of all believers that come to our fellowship. We also love and care for each other by active fellowship in each others homes, as well as at organized church functions. We care for each other by using our gifts to bless each other.

We care for our community by being involved in the lives of those outside our church. We […]

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Historical Highlights

History shows character, faith, courage and vision. It gives us something to celebrate, as well as something to live up to. The history of Edgetts Wesleyan Church illustrates faith in action and, as the song states, “Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful.”

The history of the Christian activity now known as the Edgetts Wesleyan Church dates back to the year 1927 and to a group of three families who worshiped in a small church building located about 1 1/4 miles north of the present church in a small village called Edgetts. Previous to this time the work had been very unstable and punctuated by difficulties that occasionally stopped it entirely. In about 1927, the three families referred to, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Amsbaugh, the W. S. Tracy family, and the Bird family, organized an American Union Sunday School. At that time, Rev. B. L. Pomeroy was the American Union Missionary who periodically visited and […]

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